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What's in a name? Ellie Waller, Head of our People & Culture team explains

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As our business continues to grow and evolve evaluating our internal culture has become an important focus for us. One of the key changes we have implemented recently is the rebranding of our HR team to People & Culture. This is much more than a simple name change. One of the fundamental reasons for this shift is about how we evolve our approach and think more strategically about the relationship we as a business are building with our colleagues and the culture that’s being created.

Generally, the term HR has become a little outdated and it doesn’t fully describe the true nature of the role. Whilst there is still a need to ensure compliance with people-related processes and the practical aspects of a colleague’s lifecycle, this is no longer the primary goal for our People team.

Our People & Culture team concentrates on colleague engagement, retention, leadership, and how they help shape our business. We are focused on putting our line managers back at the heart of the relationship with the colleague, to drive colleague engagement and to ensure that senior management hear directly from the people on the ground. Our People team now supports and enables Managers to own the relationship between the Manager and Colleague.

The words People and Culture are more progressive and much better aligned with strategic business goals as well as

Pictured: Ellie Waller, Head of People & Culture

underpinning our company values. Culture is also increasingly important for job seekers. It is about enhancing the quality of life for all colleagues and increasing the overall well-being of colleagues supporting us to create our unique branding.

Ultimately, we want to become the employer of choice and we firmly believe that being people-centred is helping us achieve this status.

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