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UniTrust Protection Services (UK) Limited has built an enviable reputation as the premier supplier of tailored security services. We supply our services to a wide selection of clients and provide a comprehensive range of services offering a one stop shop for security solutions to London and the Home Counties areas.

UniTrust is a privately owned company that was started in 1978 by our then Chairman Richard Griffin. The company has grown organically over the years, solely through recommendations from existing clients who appreciate the commitment and service they consistently receive. The Directors have lengths of service with UniTrust of 35, 27 and 23 years which assures our clients continuity of service and has resulted in the high level of trust in our relationship with them. The Company’s focus is and always has been on customer service via a ‘hands on’ approach. While Contract Managers are empowered to look after their respective contracts, the ultimate decision makers are the Directors, who are actively involved with each account and not unknown and unseen corporate figures. There are no ‘Sales Managers’ or ‘Business Development Managers’ employed by UniTrust and consequently those seen in the tender process are those who will be responsible for the delivery of targeted but flexible security solutions to each contract in the long term.

First and foremost, UniTrust is a security company, totally focused on the operational service we provide to our customers, ensuring that the highest standards are set and maintained. We are experts in our chosen area and passionate about the support we provide to our customers and our staff who we have high expectations of. Our front line staff promote the image of UniTrust to our customers and with our strong management support and caring attitude, morale is high which reflects in their commitment and dedication.

UniTrust maintains a high ratio of management to Security Officer which allows us to be proactive as well as reactive as our Managers have more time to spend on each account than is the accepted practice within the industry. Consequently, we are able to provide a more flexible and bespoke service provision to our Clients and this has been demonstrated by our client and staff retention.  We have never lost a client through services issues or complaints. Each customer is fully aware of not only the Contract Manager for the account but also their UniTrust Director responsible who personally oversees the service delivery.

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“UniTrust Protection Services (UK) Ltd has provided an outstanding level of service to the Canadian High Commission.  All the UniTrust Security Officers are independently resourceful, look for ways to achieve success and take great pride in their work.  They engage with the staff of the High Commission with the utmost tact and diplomacy thereby building awareness and winning support for sound security parctises.  They have all proven their ability to handle security related situations without raising antagonism or hostility.  This ability to masterfully de-escalate tense situations has become a key to the success of the Security Team.  All members of the team display a devotion to duty that is, without question, unparalleled.”

David Ridley- Security Manager
Foreign Embassy