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Unitrust signs agreement with City Security Council Intelligence Group

Unitrust’s Managing Director has signed the official memorandum of understanding demonstrating the company’s commitment both to sharing intelligence and collaborating tightly with City Security Council members.

As a founding member of the City Security Council (CSC) and of its Intelligence Group, the significance of signing the document means that intel sharing can take place and moves seamlessly and smoothly between all relevant parties.

Scott Gough, Managing Director of Unitrust and Operational lead for the CSC said “Sharing intelligence between our members, the police and other organisations that are part of the CSC is an important part of the strategies we employ on a daily basis to keep our clients, their employees and the wider citizens of London safe. For me,

intel sharing is one of the major benefits

of being involved with the CSC. Together we learn from each other and together we are stronger in our resistance against criminal activities.”

The City Security Council is a community interest company that represents a collective of premier city security companies with the specific purpose of improving incident responses by security companies in the City of London in times of major crises.

For more information about the council and its membership see

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