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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion - Our Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

Unitrust is proud to release its Gender Pay Gap Report for 2024, which demonstrates our dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion within our workforce. 

The representation of women within the company can be seen at all levels. Notably 50% of Unitrust’s board is female and there has been a significant shift within the senior leadership team where the traditional male dominated 60:40 ratio has been reversed within the last 12 months in favour of women, with a higher percentage now holding these roles.  Operationally, our People & Culture team is actively engaged in enhancing gender diversity efforts working hard to improve our position further by proactively advocating and encouraging the recruitment of more women into the workplace at Unitrust.

This year’s report shows that while nearly equal proportions of male and female employees receive bonus pay, there is a slight variance attributed to the current demographic makeup within Unitrust.  Specifically, we acknowledge that due to fewer female employees in certain roles the bonus distribution appears marginally lower for females.

Here is a brief overview of our Quartile Gender Pay Gap:

Lower Quartile:

·        Male 92%

·        Female 8%

Lower Middle Quartile

·        Male 92%

·        Female 8%

Upper Middle Quartile

·        Male 94%

·        Female 6%

Upper Quartile

·        Male 87%

·        Female 13%


Unitrust will continue to encourage women to consider careers in the security industry and actively work towards achieving balanced representation across all roles at Unitrust.

Read the full report here

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