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Unitrust supports Kids this Christmas

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Unitrust has committed to supporting national children's charity KidsOut once again this Christmas. Employees from the company will get involved with the charity's giving tree initiative buying gifts and toys for children living in refuge.

Scott Gough, Managing Director of Unitrust said "When families arrive at the refuge, they have few possessions and very little or no money. Add to that the Christmas period where mothers want to make the time special for their children, it compounds an already extremely tough time for families in refuge, both emotionally and financially. Many mothers struggle to provide the essentials, let alone presents for their children. The gifts will support children who have experienced significant trauma and fled to the safety of refuge or safe house, often with only the clothes on their back."

To find out more about the charity and how to get involved with the Giving Tree initiative see here.

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