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Unitrust Commits to Real Living Wage

Unitrust has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to employees being paid a real Living Wage by becoming a Living Wage Foundation Recognised Service Provider. The company, which was named security company of the year in 2022, employs over 400 people, with most of its frontline security personnel working for clients in and around central London.

Becoming a Recognised Service Provider means that Unitrust has committed to paying all directly employed members of staff, who are not tied to client contracts, the real Living Wage. It will also champion responsible procurement practices by always including a real Living Wage option alongside the market rate in tenders submitted to prospective and current clients. This transparency in bids allows clients to choose to implement the real living wage at the point of tender and also opens discussion around.

“We are proud to have been able to step up and commit to paying the real living wage and we have seen a tremendous commitment by almost all of our clients to support the push to pay the London Living Wage which is higher than the real living wage.” said Scott Gough, Managing Director at Unitrust

“Frontline workers are historically the lowest paid in our society, yet these are the jobs that are essential to keep our communities running smoothly. It is important to us that everyone is remunerated fairly as a minimum and at Unitrust we ensure our people also have access to employee welfare benefits such as healthcare services, company sick pay and employee assistance programs. We will continue to work closely with our clients to ensure pay is monitored and the real living wage is a minimum for our team.”

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