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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

 💚At Unitrust, we believe in fostering a culture of support and understanding, especially when it comes to mental health. 💚 This Mental Health Awareness Week, our team proudly wears green ribbons as a symbol of our commitment to raising awareness and supporting one another. 💚 But our support doesn't stop there.

We've undertaken a thorough review of our Employee Awareness Program (EAP) to ensure we're providing the best possible resources for our team's mental well-being. As a result, we're excited to announce the relaunch of our updated EAP, now featuring the Help@hand app! 📱✨

With this new app, our employees and their families have access to unlimited mental health counselling, a confidential 24/7 helpline, personalized well-being consultations, remote GP access, and lifestyle coaching. 🌈💼 No one should feel alone when facing mental health challenges, and we're committed to making sure our team knows exactly where to turn for support.

Together, let's continue to break the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging open conversations and supporting one another every step of the way. 💪💬 #MentalHealthAwareness #SupportInGreen #UnitrustCares

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