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Reducing our use of plastic at Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

We are hugely proud to be able to support Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work as their security provider but particularly proud to see how closely our environmental goals are aligned. Working in partnership to help each other achieve our ambitions to work as sustainably as possible is a goal we aspire to achieve with all our clients. This short article below demonstrates how we are helping Chiswick Park reduce single use plastic on site is a great example of that working in practice.

Here at Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work we a have a series of trusted business partners that deliver our services; from maintenance and security to landscaping and housekeeping we work with some of the best in the business.  However we look for a lot more than just brilliance at what they do when we are at tender.  Our partners must share our ideals and beliefs in One Team, Sustainability, Culture and the principles of the Enjoy-Work brand, and it’s our pleasure to share their commitments to the environment especially this week.

Unitrust Protection Services “One Bottle Campaign” is one of several initiatives aimed at helping their teams be plastic-conscious while reducing plastic waste.  Providing reusable drinking bottles to everyone, not only reduces the consumption of plastic bottles but also helps them foster a culture of sustainability among our employees. 

Wherever possible they have transitioned to using digital documentation and communication methods to reduce the need for paper and plastic-based office supplies like folders and binders and they only use recycled plastic in all their promotional items like pens, notebooks, USB chargers. This highlights their commitment to sourcing eco-friendly materials and by using recycled plastic they are diverting waste away from landfills while also reducing the demand for virgin plastic.

 The decision to use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles in their uniforms has helped them demonstrate as a service partner how important it is for them to operate sustainably. Every uniform is made from at least 45 recycled plastic bottles while still maintaining the quality you would expect from any other premium range suit. All of these uniforms can be cleaned domestically, eliminating the need for dry cleaning which often uses harmful chemicals and is a highly energy-intensive process. It’s reassuring to us that they are continuing to work closely with their suppliers to identify opportunities for reduced plastic packaging and waste along the supply chain on an ongoing basis, which encourages the suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and seek out eco-friendly alternatives to the norm.

Tracking the progress of their plastic reduction in their workplace processes is not just a commitment it is a measurable goal and a key part of our transition towards becoming a Net Zero company by 2030 which is why we are thrilled to be working with Unitrust in the upcoming years.

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