Last summer on one task alone, we were asked to prepare for a large family visit where it was expected that we would require around 20 Close Protection operatives and 30 drivers at different locations in London. All necessary liaisons were made with the family representatives, the Embassy, the Security at the airport etc. to manage a large arrival on a private flight respecting the seniority of the VIP’s and cultural protocols. Within days and with little or no notice, other VIP’s arrived and the team increased and splintered. At the high point, we had a team of over 70 assigned to this one task, some for the duration, others as requested for general duties and with other small teams for specific tasks.

We have demonstrated consistently over the years and again this summer that we are able to mobilise experienced, well managed full security teams with high calibre close protection operatives and chauffeurs. The same executive service and standards apply to our corporate customers as and when the need arises.


UniTrust attract and retain the highest calibre employees and this is essential to us as a client working in a sensitive and highly regulated industry. UniTrust have a wealth of experience in our industry and have built and earned a first class reputation for their quality and integrity.

John Johnson – International Pharmaceutical Company