Zero Hour Employee Contracts

ZeroHourBanner_0UniTrust will not employ any of our employees utilising a Zero Hour contract. There has been considerable negative press recently in regards to Zero Hour contracts and even the various political parties have weighed in with their views in an attempt to gain some advantage in the lead up to the Election.

Evidently the use of this type of contract is on the rise and even some of the largest UK employers offer Zero Hour contracts. Zero Hour employment contracts have been utilised by many companies as a method of avoiding paying some employee statutory rights such as holiday pay. Zero hour contracts generally offer no guarantee of hours and can offer minimal benefits and protection. In some cases, a Zero Hour contract will suit some employees as they will have no obligation to accept the work offered to them but unfortunately it appears that many companies have been utilising these contracts to the employees’ detriment. UniTrust are of the opinion that even if the employees receive their statutory rights within a Zero Hours contract, this type of contract should become a thing of the past for all UK Companies.


The excellent communication from the UniTrust operations office means that the teams are fully briefed before each event so our time can be spent on our business and not making sure everyone knows what they have to do. We have all become one team which is a tremendous bonus for our own staff. Our need to communicate with the UniTrust office is minimal but when we do it is generally the same person which provides us with seamless continuity.

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