UniTrust Wins a Contracts with Colliers International for a second time

Last year September 2017 UniTrust were awarded the security contract for Colliers International. Kicking off the new contract with a strong and positive relationship, we continued to support our client by providing the best possible service over the months and continued to build a high level of trust.  Fast forward to September 2018, we were able to win a contract with Colliers International for a second time along with Colliers Holborn Gate. We are very pleased with this outcome and will continue to push for achieving our                               goal of becoming Colliers “preferred supplier”.



The excellent communication from the UniTrust operations office means that the teams are fully briefed before each event so our time can be spent on our business and not making sure everyone knows what they have to do. We have all become one team which is a tremendous bonus for our own staff. Our need to communicate with the UniTrust office is minimal but when we do it is generally the same person which provides us with seamless continuity.

Mike Veissid – Coin & Medal Fairs