Employee Recognition – Valerijs Trifonov

The picture shows (L-R) representatives from the City of London Police Crime Squad, Antoinette Edwards (UniTrust), Val Trifinov (UniTrust Security Officer), Ian Yexley (UniTrust MD), George Westwell of Cheval and Shiv Gill (UniTrust).

A special thanks to Val for his quick thinking actions in apprehending a Employee Recognition – Valerijs Trifonov – UniTrust suspect, responsible for theft from a lady visiting the Tower area. No doubt without Val’s actions this individual would have gone undetected and the victim may not have got her property back.

UniTrust present top Security Officer with a ‘Special Recognition Award’ and a cash bonus for his actions. UniTrust’s Security Officer Val Trifinov was on duty recently in the early afternoon at his assignment, the prestigious ‘Cheval 3 Quays’ Luxury Apartments next to The Tower of London.

He saw a confrontation outside between a lady and a man and he believed the woman was distressed so went to investigate. It was apparent that the man had stolen a purse belonging to the victim.  Satisfied an arrestable offence had been committed, he made a citizen’s arrest, ensuring the victim and a witness were looked after separately while he waited for the Police to arrive. The suspect was subsequently arrested by the Police.

On his own initiative Val conducted enquiries on the CCTV and was able to provide further intelligence and hard evidence to the Police which was essential to assist in the arrest.

It transpired that the assailant was part of a Romanian gang responsible for similar offences in the City and West End of London.

The Police were very grateful for Val’s action and intervention and it was pointed out that “ordinarily, most security choose to not get involved in matters not directly affecting the venue they work at. Val was the opposite, choosing to help regardless. This partnership approach is without doubt the way forward, helping your neighbouring premises, sharing information and acting to keep the area safe is without doubt key to improving the area.” George Westwell, Director of Cheval Residences Ltd added his appreciation and was pleased that although the victim was not a resident of 3 Quays, she very easily could have been.

UniTrust Managing Director Ian Yexley said, “Val’s previous police background in Latvia shone through here. He identified a crime, took control of the situation, dealt with it confidently and off his own back carried out further investigations to provide more evidence which enabled further charges and intelligence sharing. We are all very proud of Val and the support from the Police here today clearly shows that they recognise his efforts and commitment.”

Val was recognised by the Police and UniTrust Management for his actions, he thanked those present and was very humble in his acceptance speech and said “I was just doing my job”. He went on to thank the UniTrust Management team for their support.

The victim, a Canadian tourist was most appreciative to the City of London Police and the Security Officer for the result which meant she could continue with her holiday but she was unaware that UniTrust also provide the security services at the Canadian High Commission and Embassy in London. It is a small world!





UniTrust have worked with the Royal Society since 2006 providing Static Guarding covering evenings and weekends and in addition Event Security Officers. Their dedication, professionalism and time keeping are unrivalled and are supported by the Mobile Inspectors who when and if required provide cover at a moments notice.

Gary Smith – Facilities
Central London Chartered Society