UniTrust Employee of the Year 2014

IMG_6399Cheryl Kerr has been working with UniTrust since June 2013 at Kings Street. She portrays that certain intangible something that makes her stand out in her role: Cheryl always abides by her core values; safety, efficiency and courtesy. No task is too great or too small. Every challenge is met with the same “gusto” and determination. Her personality and demeanour shines out and her reception experience and communication skills are exemplary. Her good manners and humour can be infectious.

She is an asset to the contract and an excellent example to all staff as to how a trusted and valued member of the security team conducts themselves during their working day. She has earned the trust and confidence of the client and their tenants which in itself is no small achievement. She is a valuable point of reference and a fixed point for all tenants and staff in the building. The building routines revolve around Cheryl. In our opinion, she has championed the security service on site and is an integral part of the contract. (Picture: L-R Antoinette Edwards, UniTrust Human Resources Manager, Cheryl Kerr, Jody Evans AP&P (Client), Tony O’Donovan, UniTrust Contract Manager)


UniTrust have worked with the Royal Society since 2006 providing Static Guarding covering evenings and weekends and in addition Event Security Officers. Their dedication, professionalism and time keeping are unrivalled and are supported by the Mobile Inspectors who when and if required provide cover at a moments notice.

Gary Smith – Facilities
Central London Chartered Society